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A visit of Great Expectation to the land of Great Walls & Great Hall, China.

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June 23, 2014


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A visit of Great Expectation to the land of Great Walls & Great Hall, China.



Spacial Correspondent : The next year will be the 40 years of diplomatic tie between Bangladesh with China. In this respect, officials said, the prime minister’s China visit would play a significant role in strengthening the bilateral relations between two countries.

Bangladesh PM sheikh Hasina shall lead a 70 member business delegation during her coming visit to China dwring the first week of June 2014.

Officials said, the main objective of the visit is to discuss with the new Chinese leadership different issues to protect Bangladesh’s interests at bilateral, regional and inter

nationals forums, and strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries. This visit is seen as a visit of great expactation to the land of Great walls, Great Hall i.e, China. Expactations regarding mega projects which could be finalized during the top leaders meeting includes countries Deep Seaport, 1320 MW power plant, National ICT Newtwork phase 3 Road-Rail connectivity between Chittagong and Kunning. Tunnel under Karnahully river etc.

Abe underscored the urgency of an improvement of investment environment in Bangladesh, including infrastructure development, stable energy supply, development of industrial parks and accelerated processing of permits, licenses, etc. in order to further facilitate and promote Japanese investment in Bangladesh. Hasina acknowledged the issues raised and assured of taking necessary measures to facilitate accelerated realization of the Japanese investments in Bangladesh, the statement said. The two prime ministers noted that people-to-people interaction and exchanges and cultural exchanges between the two countries should be broadened further. In this regard, Abe mentioned that positive consideration would be given to the request to expand the number of Bangladeshi government officials in the Japanese Grant Aid Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship. The two prime ministers thus launched the ‘Japan-Bangladesh Comprehensive Partnership’. Both the prime ministers also decided to detail the modalities at the earliest.

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