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Development of a country depends on development of communication: DG Makbul

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July 1, 2014


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Development of a country depends on development of communication: DG Makbul

The adage that ‘development of a country depends on development of communication’ has been reiterated once again by M. Makbul Hossain Rear Admiral of Bangladesh Coast Guard. Singapore despite being one of the miniature countries has been successful in flourishing economy due to the expansion of their seaport.  The quality of living in corollary, is apparently standard than that of many of the developing countries tantamount to Bangladesh, in his words. Further, he opined that Mongla, Chittagong and Payra port must not be underestimated in this regard. Proper utilization in its all probable consequence shall entail astounding triumph to Bangladesh. Paradigm may be the inevitable intrusion of Himalaya water which is the key factor of flood in this country interestingly, also dispatch silt. As a result, rivers are not only over flowed but also losing its capacity hold water. Dredging in this regard, as DG Makbul pointed out, at any cost is to be carried out into effect. He anticipated the government to initiate dredging though it may not be plausible to endeavor throughout the country, since economical factors are also to be taken into account. Moreover, Sonadia deep sea port if effectuated by handy plan, it may reserve its position in one of the internationally renowned sea nest.

Shipbuilding companies of Bangladesh since less experienced in this regard could not be erected likely to countries as China and Singapore. But it does not necessarily imply it would not improve, if adequate measures are contemplated as well as implemented by the govt. Admiral Makbul in this regard ushered us to the Western Marine and Anando Shipbuilding companies which had been attempting to secure their position in international plane. Again, government measures if not provided it would e impracticable for these companies to surmount and adapt International quality. He felt optimistic seeing MV Bangalee inaugurated and stated if few more steps are treaded, it won’t be distant when Maritime tourism shall thrive over Bengal water. Ensuring safety and security of passengers are fundamental in Maritime tourism and he anticipated government to take effective measures, in this regard.

All over again, in Neelkomol of Sundarban, Mermaid resort had been launched by Navy but without having access to a deep seaport unfortunately, it shall not be viable to bring it into tourist’s concern.

Bangladeshi coast guards are already striving to protect international seaports along with Indonesia, Germany, Italy and Brazil under UN flag, he boasted. On query, he replied MV Jahanmoni which has been incarcerated by pirates of Sumalia, has been revived due to the rapid action and wittiness of BD coastguards. Analogous circumstances are evidenced in history where BD naval force proved themselves worthy of credit.  Finaly , Control piracy, illegal trafficking, protect fishery, oil, gas, forest resources and environmental pollution in Bangladesh waters and coastal areas, ensure overall security and law and order through security assistance to sea ports, conduct relief and rescue operation in the coastal areas during natural calamity is Mission of Bangladesh Coast Guard .

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