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Human rights at sea initiative launched

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July 2, 2014


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Human rights at sea  initiative launched

Maritime law firm 9 Bedford Row International (9BRi) launched the independent initiative Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) aboard the HMS President in London.

The initiative, the founding principle of Human rights apply at sea as equally as they do on land, will make information on human rights available online as well as acting as a lobbying platform.

David Hammond, Barrister-at-Law and Founder of HRAS, emphasised the work-in-progress nature of the initiative, its independent status and its collaborative nature.

“High standards reflecting human rights protections, assurance and accountability should be part of everyday business. They also go to assuring market reputation and brand protection in neither ignoring, nor paying lip service to human rights matters,” said Hammond.

Within the maritime industry the initiative aims to raise the profile, awareness implementation and accountability for human rights protections. It will also push for human rights integration into state, business and individual working practices.

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