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Stealth E-Reader in U.S Navy

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June 15, 2014


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Stealth E-Reader in U.S Navy

Md. Mohsin  :  This ‘Stealth’ E-Reader is so revolutionary that wi fi connection or roaming data capabilator, USB port nothing can get that ‘Stealth’ E-Reader by searching even not an enemy radar. It has no way for data communication.

BBC reported that this sub marine E-Book reader of sailors are named as “Navy eReader Device (NeRD)” . The U.S Navy has not given to keep wi fi connection, any USB port or data transformer showing an excuse of security. The mariners of all vessels will be given the E-Book Reader though only the Sub Mariners has given it for the first time, said by the Navy General Library Program Manager Naily Mophit.

“Each sub marine of 71 of navy will be given 5 e-Book Reader with a total of 355 for 71. Serially we will send nerd to all the vessels”, said Mophit.

The as usual e-Reader use has been banded to USA navy as they contain wi fi, GPS roaming data feature. The as usual e-Reader does not have ‘security risk’ as because there is no input and internet connection in this device.

The mariners will be the sufferer as there is no connection facility. The e-Reader will be preloaded with 300 books. The mariners will not get the chance to load books by their own choice though it has told that it would contain classic to best seller of present age.

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