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Work in unison toward this goal

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July 2, 2014


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Work in unison toward this goal

Stolt Tankers’ Ship Owning division provides technical-management services for all ships in the fleet, ensuring that our fleet meets or exceeds the rigorous standards set by our customers, classification societies, flag authorities and by Stolt Tankers itself. All of the key functions in Ship Owning-safety and marine services, crewing, fleet management, risk and insurance, vetting, new building and technical projects-work in unison toward this goal.

They manage most of our ships throughout their complete life cycle, from design specification, through construction, operational life, dry-docking, midlife modernisation, life extensions and, ultimately, recycling. This approach allows us to achieve standards of operation, maintenance and repair well beyond the averages of the industry. In addition to managing ships owned by Stolt Tankers, they also manage ships for third-party owners and provide assistance in quality assurance for third-party ship managers who manage Stolt Tankers-operated ships.

Ship Owning carefully monitors new developments and research in the field of ship management and ship hardware. Our ships frequently serve as test beds for new equipment and systems and we encourage our personnel to challenge existing procedures. Through this process of constant innovation we ensure that Stolt Tankers remains at the forefront of the industry and the constantly changing demands that are placed upon us, particularly with respect to safety and environmental performance.

Ship Owning’s key areas of responsibility are:

Meeting or exceeding the constantly rising standards of health, safety and environmental protection

Maintaining the highest levels of quality for our assets

Meeting or exceeding all customer requirements and applicable regulations

Manning of the ships

Monitoring, initiating and participating in industry innovation

Project management (i.e., newbuildings, acquisitions, conversions and retrofitting of equipment)

Purchasing and logistics for the ships

Ownership engenders pride, and pride drives performance. Their Ship Owning division is committed to ensuring that the assets we manage meet or exceed the highest standards demanded by customers, regulators, classification societies and the industry at large.

Source: stolt-nielsen

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