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Zichai opens first office in Bangladesh

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June 23, 2014


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Zichai opens first office in Bangladesh

Mr. Anik , Dhaka :  Zibo Diesel Engine Parent Company,(Zichai Brand Marine Engine Maker), China, has recently opened their overseas office in Dhaka with a view to boost sales in the Shipbuilding & Marine sector. Zichai Factory located in Beijing.

About 200 Marine Engine of different horse power being used in Bangladesh for 10 years. The Engine is proven good quality.

Mr. Benny Ban, Manager of Zichai disclosed this matter in an interview with  Bay Trade Express reporter that very soon they will open After sales service centers in Dhaka & Chittagong for better customer services.  For any query please contact Benny Ban at Mob: 01733063586

Recently he visited few Shipyards in Dhaka & Chittagong & received order.

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