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Are you looking for relaxing sounds and atmospheres that will improve your sleep or relaxation? Then look no further!

Sleepa brings a large collection of HD sounds that can be mixed in perfect relaxing ambiences. You can choose from different types of rain, nature sounds, city sounds, white noise or instruments. Save your favourite sound mixes so that they are always at hand.

You can set the timer that will automatically stop the application. Sleepa does not require an Internet connection, so you can use it anywhere without worrying about data.

You can choose from 32 carefully selected sounds divided into four groups:
- Rain sounds (i.e. rain on the window, ocean waves, thunder)
- Sounds of nature (i.e. forest, stream, waterfall)
- Sounds of the city (i.e. metro, train, fan, plane)
- Meditation sounds (white noise, piano, oriental flute)

The application can be used not only for relaxation or sleep, but also for meditation, work or concentration. It contains three of the most common types of white noise:
- White noise
- Pink noise
- Brown noise

If you have an idea for improvements or if you miss a particular sound, let us know at

Enjoy the application and have a good sleep ;)


1. Discover a whole new Sleepa experience, including a brand new application design, colours, characters and animations. Don't worry, all your favourite features are still included!.
2. Easily revert to the layout and design of the legacy application in the Application Settings menu.


Dale Savage

2020-09-30 02:54:10

Decent application, I like the way you can mix sounds like different types of rain/wind, etc. to get one that works for you to help you sleep. Have this about every night during the winter months (when my partner won't let me have the fan!).


2020-09-25 12:40:52

I want to be honest, this app is great. The piano is my favourite melody and blends in with the resonance of the house and the keyboard. I was curious what it did in the first place, but when I tried to sleep with it, it made me sleep in 5 minutes! It's really incredible. Don't listen to the haters who don't like it.

Huy Pham

2020-07-17 01:45:09

Very good application of white noise and nature sounds. There is also music which is ideal for sleeping or relaxing ... I really like the fact that you can mix the different nature sounds and you can control the volume of each sound individually. The user interface is very well presented and simple. I love it.

Carolyn S.

2020-07-15 02:35:53

absolutely brilliant and transparent relaxation! The best in the area!! Edit: the September 2020 update couldn't be better! New elegant and easier to set, plus a few new options! Love. I would always love bathroom options like bathtub filling (behind a closed door as a bonus) or a running shower. Those soun ...

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